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Like Part of Your Company

Ascension Technology was founded in 2002 on one simple principle: that businesses deserved an IT support team that would think like a part of the company and bill like an affordable vendor. That vision has helped us grow with a team of professionals and affiliated experts, serving many companies throughout the country.

From the beginning, our goal was to help small and medium-sized companies do more with current technology while looking towards the future of computing. That’s where our name, Ascension Technology, comes from – it reminds us that with the right IT partner, we will “Elevate Your Business.”

We think far too many IT providers get hung up on selling clients the latest gadget or platform. Instead, we see different pieces of technology as tools for specific jobs. Some can be used to increase speed and communications, others help with security, data storage and cost-cutting. We don’t want you to worry about the tools you don’t need, or can’t afford, which is why we explain every service and recommendation in common sense terms so you know exactly what you’re getting from us and why.

Ascension Technology currently employs technicians and a network of affiliated hardware, software and cloud based experts to meet our clients’ needs, no matter what they might be. We have in-house expertise with Windows, Apple, Citrix, Linux, Unix, and Firewall or VPN issues. No matter what kind of IT support you need, we’re standing by ready to step in and assist you.

Give us a call today at 303-791-8009 to get immediate assistance or learn more about our extensive business support services.

Meet the Ascension Technology Team

Todd Glantz

A proud US Navy veteran, Todd specialized in digital gunfire control systems while serving. After entering civilian life, he earned a degree in lasers and robotics. That led to a career opportunity with NCR (later AT&T), where he performed component-level troubleshooting and repair.

As the world of electronics began to evolve rapidly, Todd found a position with a small IT services firm that involved direct contact with clients and customers. While he had found his home working alongside business owners and managers, it took another stint with a local technology service provider before he decided to pursue his dream and launch his own firm. In that moment more than 15 years ago, Ascension Technology was born.

These days, Todd stays busy keeping up with the latest tech trends, supervising employees, and maintaining strong client relationships. His goal is to not only service hardware and software, but to provide exceptional service to every project. He also believes strongly in giving back to the community, regularly donating time and resources to The Wounded Warrior Project, Denver Rescue Mission, and the Denver Dumb Friends League.

Traci Glantz

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biopsychology from the University of California Santa Barbara, Traci realized she wanted to change the course of her career and learn about the world of business. A series of successful stints took her through several industries, with stops at successful organizations like Intermountain Rural Electric Association, Cost Cutters Corporation, and Comcast.

When Ascension Technology began to grow, she realized the company needed someone with a business background and non-technical perspective to step in and help. So, Traci took on an ownership position and picked up the task of managing the financial side of the business. Through her hard work, the company has been able stay on top of the accounting challenges that come with expanding any small business.

Away from the office, Traci supports local charities such as The Denver Rescue Mission and ASPCA. She also assists in fundraising for the Denver Dumb Friends League.

Andy Williamson

As our mobile expert, Andy is responsible for anything that requires work with a smart phone or tablet – including the configuration of firewalls and cloud services. Since he joined Ascension Technology in 2006, he’s rapidly climbed the ranks from entry-level technician to lead technician.

Clients love that Andy always provides high-end technical service with a smile on his face, and that he never backs down from a challenge. Whenever there’s a problem to be solved, he’s eager to take it on. When he’s not fiddling with iPhones and Androids, he likes to exercise his mind with gaming and puzzles. Andy is also active in the community, volunteering for nonprofits and serving as a mentor and coach for kids around the city.

Richard Major

Richard arrived in the USA by way of Hungary. After moving stateside, he spent over five years working for IBM. He was introduced to us through an Ascension Technology client, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Richard’s positive attitude and technical experience with data center support have made him a perfect fit for our team, and invaluable to our clients. After working hours, he continues his education through online university courses. Always on the go, Richard loves enjoying the outdoors and traveling to new places.

Tyler Neumann

Tyler is a US Navy veteran who specialized in the IT field while serving his country. He brings a sense of calm to every situation, whether it’s a routine maintenance call or a full-blown IT emergency. Clients rave about his work ethic, and the disciplined approach he applies to the complex problem-solving process that’s needed to get them up-and-running when they are facing stressful situations.

Away from work, Tyler continues to move towards his degree in Computer Information and Security. When it’s time to relax, he likes to mix it up with a number of activities, including football, basketball, and the occasional board game. He is also involved with Movement 5280, which assists homeless men and women and at-risk youth throughout Denver.

Ron Jessen

Ron joined Ascension Technology in 2017. Ron proudly served in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician before beginning his career in computers. After his Navy service, Ron moved to the Denver area and earned an Associate Degree in Electronics. While working in the IT field, he continued to attend classes to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Ron has been supporting the IT needs of small businesses in the Denver area since 1994, most recently as the owner of MBP Technology Inc., which Ron started in 2009.
Ron’s technical background includes extensive networking security. Ron has experience in Unix, Citrix, and Microsoft environments, installing network security solutions, and provides direct customer support for the IT infrastructure from top to bottom. Ron is the firewall and remote user connectivity specialist at our company.

Away from work, Ron enjoys the Colorado outdoors, motorcycles, and a busy family life. He is an avid snowboarder and always finds a way to enjoy Colorado living.

Mark Pilgrim

With over two and one-half decades of progressive IT industry experience and successful client engagements, Mark did not just fall off the technological turnip truck.

Mark comes to Ascension Technology with a diverse background in systems integration, technical sales, consulting services, marketing, strategic planning, project management, IT training, and business development experience across a wide range of business topographies, including small, medium and enterprise companies.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Maine. Soon after graduating, he heard the sirens call of the Rocky Mountains leaving his native New England roots, to “Go West, young man”, and has lived in Colorado ever since.

Mark has a balanced blend of business and IT expertise that enables him to accurately define and solve real world business challenges with creative ideas, thinking inside, outside, around or through the box to drive client success.

Much of his career has been focused on providing best-of-breed hardware, software and networking solutions to clients seeking to acquire and utilize information technology for competitive advantage and true business value.

He is passionate about helping existing and future clients “Elevate Their Business” through strategically partnering together to identify and provide data and technology solutions that help them best meet their business requirements and desired objectives.

Mark’s additional interests include playing the ukulele, chess, biking and hiking.